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Rock Steady Drums & Co. is a drum company specializing in full custom drum kits, custom snare drums, drum accessories, and drum repairs.
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Rock Steady Drums & Company is a drum company specializing in full custom 
drum kits, custom snares drums, drum accessories, and drum repairs.

Founded by two drummers looking to make a difference in the world of drums, 
Rock Steady Drums & Company puts passion and full attention to detail in every 
product we create.  Our love for drums and music goes far and wide along with 
our ambition to design and create the highest quality drum products around. 
We fully support the artists that purchase our products!

Rock Steady Drums & Company makes superior custom drums and custom drum 
sets at a small scale price. Whether you are a student learning to play or a 
seasoned musical veteran, Rock Steady Drums & Co can guarantee that 
we will provide you with literally, the best… BANG… for your buck! 

From the lone practicing drummer in a bedroom, to the national touring drummer 
headlining sold out shows, always remember...
Drummer:  Jake Goldman
Genre: Punk/Experimental
Drummer:  Brian Cauti
Genre: Post-Hardcore
             Pop Rock

Drummer:  Steve Tobey
Genre:  Cover 

Play Hard - Rock Steady
Drummer:  Ari Burger
Genre:  Pop/Rock
Drummer:  Russ Barrnett
Genre: Rock N Roll/Punk
7/24/12 Thanks to everyone who made this years Warped Tour a success! We met some amazing artists. Can't wait to get started building some outrageous drums! Check out our FACEBOOK page to see pics!

6/25/12 We are gearing up for Warped Tour! You can check out our drums on the OURSTAGE stage. ww.ourstage.com We will be at the PA, NY, MA, CT and NJ dates.

6/1/12 WYLDLIFE one of our endorsed artist's bands is ON TOUR NOW!

5/8/12 Congratulations to This Good Robot the Break Contest winner and the runners up Something About January. They are entitled to receive custom kit endorsements from Rock Steady!

4/22/12 Happy to be working with Local Band Review on their ADA fundraiser event May 6th at illusions! We are providing the house kit for all the musicians playing and supporting this event!

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